Originally from Portugal, I moved to London in 2004. 

    Currently based in Folkestone, Kent.


    2011 - BA Fine arts


    Through the past 9 years my work has had multiple strands, from Live art and installation to puppetry, sound, poetry and facilitation. Despite their differences, I see them all as part of an integrated use of the arts for social enquire, and as a way to create meaning and new visions in life.


    Since 2015 I have been working under the alter ego Local Foreigner, whose work is primarily manifested through Live art, installation and clothing.

    Some of the places I presented work include: Spill Festival, Ipswich; Buzzcut, Glasgow; Arts admin, London; Home live arts, Hastings; ]performance s p a c e [, Folkestone; Live Art Bistro, Leeds&Edinburgh; Sydney Cooper gallery, Canterbury; La platformme, France; amongst others.


    For the past four years I have been the performing arts (drama and poetry) tutor at Crisis Skylight centre in London, working the individuals from various backgrounds with experiences of homelessness.

    Alongside this work I have lead workshops in schools, community centres and charities.


    Since 2018  I am the founding director of Folkestone Puppet Festival.

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